Surface & Air Disinfection

Bacteria, a living organism, with metabolism and mobility lives on the surfaces we touch and the water we drink. Viruses, being hundreds of times smaller than bacteria demands a host to survive, to move, and to replicate.  Mold, a fungus, is the largest of all microbes, and is generally stationary, but can throw off spores that can become airborne. 

Some bacteria, may viruses, and most spores can contaminate air and surface. 


One of the primary benefits of chlorine dioxide as a biocide is that it is highly effective – even at dosages so low that they pose no serious harm to animals or humans. Numerous studies will be offered at our other sites, demonstrating the potential efficacy of ClO2 for both water and air treatment. 

When compared to other types of disinfectants, it is no wonder that Chlorine Dioxides has been called, “the IDEAL Biocide”. 2.6 Times more powerful than bleach, without any of the carcinogenic byproducts, nearly 70 times more powerful  than peroxide and more stable and less destructive than ozone, the benefits of a disinfection program that includes chlorine dioxide are nearly endless.