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In the 21st century, we are well aware of need for a Green Earth.

Environmentally-friendly technologies have great importance in nearly every industry – Water treatment being one of the most challenging and essential aspects for our well-being and survival.

SVS Aqua Technology emerged to serve better and eco-friendly water treatment solutions for the industries around the world. With combined experience of over 50 years, SVS Aqua Technologies comes with a wide array of chlorine dioxide products to fulfill different requirements of various industries in your environment and around the globe.

One Stop Shop For Water Disinfection And Sanitation Solutions

It is said that ‘One size doesn’t fit all’. In the same way, although chlorine dioxide is commonly acknowledged as the ideal biocide, it does not mean that it will suit for all industry requirements and applications. At SVS Aqua, we first understand all water treatment processes and requirements for specific application to provide tailor made technology solution accompanying the most suitable chlorine dioxide product.

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Balancing Digestive Health

Food Process Cleaning

Food Processing

Residue-Free Sanitation

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Beverage Bottling

CIP & Post-Detergent Sanitizing

Greenhouse Watering


Controlling Water Quality


Surface Disinfection

For Safer Spaces

Just a few words about

Chlorine Dioxide...

On the SAFETY of Chlorine Dioxide - ClO2, the so-called “ideal biocide”, could also be applied as an antiseptic if it was understood why the solution’s rapid killing of microbes does not cause any harm to humans or to animals. Our aim was to study both theoretically and experimentally its reaction-diffusion mechanism to find the source of that selectivity... For example, the killing time for a bacterium is on the order of milliseconds in a 300 ppm ClO2 solution. Thus, a few minutes of contact time is quite enough to kill all bacteria.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary
Group of Chemical Physics, Department of Physics
On the POWER of Chlorine Dioxide - Chlorine dioxide has 2.6 times the oxidizing power of waterborne chlorine (from bleach), giving it a wide spectrum of sanitizing uses and making it extraordinarily effective against a host of bugs, with as high as a 6-log reduction. Unlike chlorine bleach, which make carcinogenic trihalomethanes that get [released with the effluent and] deposited in the environment, chlorine dioxide donates oxygen, breaking down to water, oxygen and common table salt.
Food Safety Magazine
"10 Reasons Why You Should be Using Chlorine Dioxide"

Why Choose SVS Aqua...

  •  Application-Specific Formulations
  • Security-Rich Packaging 
  • Proven Results

With an unparalleled level of expertise in liquid, powder and tablet formulations capabilities, ISO 9000 Level of Quality Assurance, and an incomparable commitment to performance value, we look forward to being of service to you, and those whose safety you provide. 

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